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Biochemistry and Immunoassay sections are equipped with fully automated, state of the art integrated analysers, where multiple tests can be performed from a single specimen without aliquoting. This reduces the incidence of preanalytical errors and the advanced and superior technology being used helps provide accurate results in shortest possible time.

In addition to routine biochemical tests, hormone assays, cancer markers, infectious markers and maternal screening tests are also being performed in these sections. For all of tests are within these sections, there are high-end dedicated analysers available, all manned by highly trained and qualified professionals.


The aim was to develop comprehensive haematology services to patient with the entire range of haematological diseases. The department of clinical haematology looks people with blood related disorders. These include blood cancers (Leukemia, Lymphoma, Multiple myeloma), disorders associated with low haemoglobin (various type of anaemia- Including Thalassemia and sickle cell anaemia), bleeding disorders (haemophilia and others) and other rare diseases. Our department use state-of-the-art equipments that help provide accurate test results within clinically relevant time.

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Clinical pathology section is also equipped with fully automated analysers. Besides automated analysis, manual tests in this section is performed by highly trained and qualified personnel to ensure best quality reporting of urine, stool, semen and all body fluid samples.


The Department of Radiology is an integral part of the health care, microlab scan and diagnostics offering a wide variety of state-of-the-art imaging services while serving the healthcare needs of patients and physicians, all manned by highly trained and qualified Doctors and professionals.

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